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Wellbeing at Bethel

Center for Wellbeing

At Bethel, wellbeing means more than living a healthy lifestyle. It means pursuing wholeness and thriving within and between people—so that together, we model the kingdom of God here and now. 

This is a more expansive way of viewing wellbeing—far beyond what the health and wellness industry would tell us is important. See what is available to those in our Bethel community who want to invest in this more robust experience of wellbeing.

Wellbeing for Employees

Work and life has shifted dramatically over the last few years at Bethel. See what's being offered this fall to resource employees if they want to invest in their holistic wellbeing.

Wellbeing for Students

A rigorous education can be demanding, therefore, several offices on campus work to ensure that a wide variety of resources are available to support student wellbeing.  Check out what is offered here.