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Center for Wellbeing

Center for Wellbeing

At Bethel, wellbeing means more than living a healthy lifestyle. It means pursuing wholeness and thriving within and between people—so that together, we model the kingdom of God here and now. 

The Center for Wellbeing promotes a university-wide culture of individual and systemic wellbeing. Find out more about what we offer for students and employees.

Wellbeing for Employees

Work life is anything but normal these days. The Center for Wellbeing looks at macro-level complexities affecting the Bethel system and what can be done to alleviate some systemic strain on individual wellbeing this year.

Wellbeing for Students

A rigorous education can be demanding, so the Center for Wellbeing works with other offices on campus to ensure that a wide variety of online and on-campus resources are available to support student wellbeing.