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21 Days Challenge

21 days challenge

Choices form habits. Habits shape lives. 

It has been said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Actually, research shows it takes a bit longer to truly embed a new way of being into one's life. However, we can capitalize on popular thought and use 21 days to begin moving toward a new habit in life.

This fall, the 21 Days Challenge will focus on the relational dimension of the wellbeing wheel and will invite our community to focus on communication skills.

With the polarization occurring in the United States today, it is vital to practice ways of communicating that can bring people together instead of tearing them apart. This challenge is just one of the ways that together we can tell an alternative story of how Jesus' life and teachings inform our life together. We choose to listen, respect, and connect with one another.



Learn more about the 5 Dialogue Skills you will practice during this Fall's 21 DAYS challenge



Read through the 21 DAYS Challenge Information and Journaling Packet



Register if you plan to participate.



Begin the challenge on October 1, end on October 21, and contact Christine Osgood upon completion.  (See information in packet linked above).  Good Luck!