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The Biokinetics Assessment Lab provides a variety of opportunities for employees to improve their physical wellbeing. 

Assessment Lab

​ Submaximal Testing: Calculate Your VO2 Score to Determine Your Aerobic Engine

  • A method for calculating cardiorespiratory fitness to predict maximal heart rate and oxygen consumption.

Resting Metabolic: Discover How Many Calories You Burn in a Day and What fuel You’re Using

  • Measure of caloric expenditure and fuel source utilization (fat, carb, or mixture) while in a rested state to establish baseline metabolic and nutritional needs.

Functional Movement Screening: Identify Ways to Improve Your Athletic Performance

  • Identifies poor movement patterns caused by muscle strength and flexibility imbalances.  These imbalances may cause a reduction in performance and may lead to injury.

Skinfold Body Composition Technique: Measure Your Lean Muscle Mass

  • Subcutaneous folds are measured at various sites to estimate body composition. This is the most accurate, non-invasive method to determine lean body mass and fat mass.

Blood Glucose: Understand How Well Your Hormones Process Sugary Snacks

  • There are two options to test blood glucose levels - fasting or through an oral glucose tolerance test. Fasting blood glucose (FBG) will give a blood sugar reading in the fasted state (9-12 hrs.without eating); FBG is typically done first thing in the morning and shows the health of the metabolism. The oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) gives a more detailed picture of how well the body processes sugar while eating (postprandial) and how well the hormones are working that regulate the digestion of sugar. The OGTT requires four finger pricks in intervals of 30 minutes; FBG requires a 9-12 hour fast and one finger prick.

Y Balance Test: Determine the Strength of Your Core

  • A balance test to assess how well the core muscles can coordinate and stabilize movement while the arms or legs perform a reaching task.

To participate in any of these assessments, download the Wellness Center app and schedule your appointment.

One-on-One Physical Wellbeing Training

Work with Dr. Chris Carroll and HAS440 Advanced Training for Human Performance students as they assist you to evaluate, implement, and execute a personalized plan for your physical wellness. Employees can request 3-6 individual appointments (based on availability). Prior to going to the Wellness Center for your one-on-one appointment, we ask that all clients schedule an intake assessment in our second-floor assessment lab (WLC 204).

The intake assessment is a short appointment to gather baseline health data to direct care and outcomes.  All scheduling is facilitated through the Wellness Center app.