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Trauma, Chronic Stress, & Renewal

The pandemic has been classified as a trauma for some and an experience of chronic stress for others. What's the difference? More importantly, what does chronic stress or an experience of trauma do to human brains and bodies? This semester, the wellbeing opportunities will focus on learning more about stress/trauma as well as experiences that could help a human renew.

Topic 1: Stress vs. Trauma - what's the difference?

Many have identified that the pandemic has left them exhausted, concerned, and wondering what happened to their wellbeing over the last few years? For some, they have experienced chronic stress, for others the experience may feel more like trauma. What's the difference?

Topic 2: Renew Retreats

Over the course of this year, nine Renew Retreats are being planned and offered to all employees in an attempt to counter the effects of chronic stress. Each retreat will focus on a different spiritual practice since connecting with God is one way to interrupt chronic stress activation.

Topic 3: How does Stress affect the Brain?