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Encourage your team to be the best it can be.

Your office or department can request a workshop, series of workshops, or retreats to encourage team building, enhance team dynamics, or receive training in a wellbeing related topic. The goal of these workshops is to enhance interpersonal wellbeing and collegiality among employee teams. Examples of workshops previously offered include:

  • Wellbeing 101: What is Wellbeing and How Does It Apply to Us?
  • Intersectionality and Wellbeing
  • Staff Retreat: Choose Your Own Adventure for Soul Wellbeing
  • Intercultural Conflict Styles 
  • Cultivating a Collaborative Environment Using the Enneagram for Self-Awareness
  • Overcoming Barriers to Communication 
  • Understanding Team Dynamics in Light of StrengthsFinder

How to request a workshop

Typically, this begins with a conversation. Email Christine Osgood or send a Google Calendar invite letting her know you'd like to strategize about various workshop/training ideas for your team. Christine will meet with you, listen to your current team situation, and custom create an experience for your group based on this conversation. Christine can be reached at christine-osgood@bethel.edu