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The Observatory


Renew your soul.

The Observatory is a dedicated quiet space for individual members of the Bethel community to retreat for one hour. Reflective exercises, hands-on activities, creative supplies, and books are just some of the items provided to help you engage your time alone. Homework and naps are common activities in this space. Withdraw from your daily routine in order to think, pray, or rest. There are speakers and auxiliary cables available for those who want to play their own music via phone or iPod. 

Location: The Observatory is located in the Center for Wellbeing (Room N201 in Townhouse N2).

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. (If you are the last person of the day, please turn off the lights and close the door behind you so it is locked overnight.)

COVID-19 Instructions: Please enter the Center for Wellbeing and Observatory wearing a mask.  Once in the Observatory with the door closed, you can remove your mask. There are cleaning supplies in the space. Five minutes before you leave, please clean all surfaces you came into contact with and wipe down the door handle on both sides as well. Thanks for helping keep the space open and accessible all semester long.

Due to the small square footage, only one person can be in The Observatory at a time.

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