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Wellbeing for Students

Students influence our world's future.

The college years cultivate critical thinking, facilitate transformation, and empower young adults to boldy step into life beyond academics. These years are both exhilirating and, at times, overhwhelming. 

Because students influence our world's future, the Center for Wellbeing seeks to support college student development by providing both curricular and co-curricular opportunities that promote student wholeness and thriving—both in and beyond college.

Special Exhibit: A Whole Lot of Everything

Check out the wall in BC Commons created by art and design students. It depicts what it has been like to return to Bethel mid-pandemic. Access digital downloads of the posters here.

Campus Resources

From counseling to career services, Bethel has systems in place to support your wellbeing. 

Online Resources

Explore online exercises that can be practiced from the comfort of your own room.

Wellbeing Education

Learn more about our general education course on intrapersonal and interpersonal wellbeing.