Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

Manager of Constituent Programming

Chris Nelson has worked with alumni, parents, and friends of Bethel University for the past 6 years. He and his wife Colleen are alumni (’01) as well as 2005 graduates from the Graduate School and Seminary, respectively. With Colleen as a pastor at a local church and their three small children, life is quite the adventure for his family!

Chris brought to Bethel years of relational experience from his work in non-profit and for-profit organizations. “I’ve had the opportunity to work in amazing learning environments. My work in these organizations has given me valuable lessons that I use to relate with Bethel’s constituents to help them engage in new and deeper ways.”

Why Chris Loves His Job

He says, “We have all had a Bethel experience, and it changes us. This place and its people have meant so much to so many people through the years. Many have seen God’s hand at work through friendships, their vocations, or had a faculty or staff member who has shaped their life.”

Chris loves hearing about how Bethel experiences have changed the lives of alumni or their family members.

It’s Chris’ hope that each alumni, parent, and friend will be a part of Bethel in a way that is meaningful to them to make a significant impact for the kingdom through student lives.

Favorite Bethel Experience

“Second only to meeting new people and hearing their story at events like Homecoming, Family Weekend, and church ministry events is the privilege of getting together with former classmates and hearing about all that God is doing in their lives. It’s most fun at a friends’ cabin or at our annual croquet tournaments.”

Guiding Scripture Verse

Matthew 6:33

In His Free Time

The Chicago native likes being active and playing games with his family. He enjoys water activities, racquetball, and trying to catch pesky fish on flies that he ties.

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