Prepare for Graduation

Ceremony Application

If you plan to commence in December, you must submit a commencement application by October 31. You may apply through Blink (Student Academics tab > Commencement channel). An application is required for students who plan to participate in their commencement ceremony as well as for those who plan to commence in absentia. The earlier you apply, the sooner you will learn if you qualify for commencement or if you have requirements yet to fulfill.

Academic Requirements and Diplomas

You will receive a diploma cover at commencement. You will NOT receive your actual diploma. When you have met all academic requirements and other obligations to the university, the Office of the Registrar will post your degree to your transcript and mail your diploma to your permanent address.

Obligations include:

  • Final payments
  • Campus Store charges
  • Library charges and loans
  • Parking fines
  • Stafford loan exit requirements

Your diploma will bear your legal name (your name on the date of commencement). There are no exceptions. If you plan to change your name shortly before commencement, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Allow 4 weeks for your diploma to arrive once your degree has been posted.


If you would like Bethel to send a news release to your hometown newspaper announcing your graduation, submit a request with the Office of Communications and Marketing.

You can receive 10 free commencement announcement cards for mailing to family and friends while supplies last. You can pick up the cards in the Office Event Services (RC 348) after October 20.


Before commencement day, pick up your cap and gown in the Campus Store during regalia pickup hours. Please bring your student ID.

Your regalia will be ordered for you. If you have questions about your regalia, contact the Campus Store.

Press your gown with a cool iron before commencement. Your cap is to be worn level, not tilted to the side or to the back, with the tassel on the right side.

Recommended Attire for Men

  • Dress shirt
  • Tie
  • Dark slacks
  • Dark shoes

Recommended Attire for Women

  • Dark dress clothing
  • Dark shoes

Bethel-approved honor cords, medallions, and nursing pins are the only ornamentation to be worn on top of your gown. Corsages, heritage stoles, jewelry, or other ornamentation may NOT be worn over your gown during the ceremony.

Adult Undergrad Students Only

Regalia for associate's and bachelor's degree candidates are a gown, cap, and tassel. Students who earned certain honors may wear Bethel-approved honor cords over their gown. CAPS grads keep all of their regalia.

Graduate Students Only

Regalia for master’s degree candidates are a gown, cap, tassel, and hood. Master’s degree candidates keep their gown, cap, and tassel. Their hood is rented. Regalia for Ed.D. candidates are a gown, tam, tassel, and hood. Ed.D. candidates keep only their tassel. Their gown, hood, and tam are rented. Following the reception and before leaving campus, GS grads must return their rental regalia to the Campus Store.

If GS candidates want to purchase their regalia for commencement, they may order it online from Willsie Cap and Gown. Orders must be placed by December 1 to ensure delivery. To order the correct hood color, specify your degree and program name. Please let commencement staff know if you are ordering your own regalia.


Please direct your commencement guests to guest information. If you have questions, please contact commencement staff at or 651.635.8049.