Bethel Seminary is committed to developing and equipping men and women to be whole and holy persons. As part of this mission, we partner with various churches and parachurch organizations to make seminary education more affordable.

Learn more about how your organization can partner with Bethel Seminary or take advantage of the opportunities available.

Ministry Partnership Program

In the Ministry Partnership Program, we partner with churches and parachurch organizations to provide scholarships for their staff and members.

Campus Crusade for Christ

Through our Campus Crusade for Christ partnership, staff members are eligible to receive Bethel Seminary credit for courses taken through New Staff Training. Full-time staff are also eligible for a grant up to 15% of tuition when enrolled in a master's degree program.

Young Life

Our Young Life partnership offers staff members Bethel Seminary credit for courses taken through New Staff Training, which can be applied to a Bethel Seminary degree to earn a concentration in Young Life Youth Ministry. They're also eligible for scholarships through the Ministry Partnership Program.

Kern Scholarship

Students looking to earn their Master of Divinity degree through our residential program in St. Paul can apply for scholarships through the Kern Scholars Initiative.

Interested in partnering with Bethel Seminary? Contact Jen Niska for more information.