Meet Our Staff

We’re passionate about helping Bethel students understand the love of God and where this great love is calling them.

Meet our team to learn more about what we do and why we're here at Bethel. We've also put together a spiritual formation guide (pdf) to help you learn more about our philosophy of helping students grow in faith.

Laurel Bunker

Dean of Campus Ministries/Campus Pastor

Pastor Laurel feels blessed to serve the Bethel community in two primary ways. As the dean of campus ministries, Laurel is a member of the President's Executive Leadership Team, providing strategic guidance on issues related to the spiritual formation and personal development of the student body. As campus pastor, Laurel serves as the primary preacher in Chapel and leads a vibrant and gifted team that is dedicated to providing transformational ministry opportunities for the Bethel community.

When not preaching at Bethel, Laurel travels throughout the country teaching and training at colleges, churches, and parachurch organizations in the areas of leadership, spiritual development, biblical issues in 21st century Christianity, and more.

Matthew Runion

Associate Campus Pastor

Matt provides opportunities for students to engage in cross-cultural ministries. This includes our mission teams that take trips throughout the year as well as biblical justice groups such as World Challenge and Acting on AIDS. Matt also leads the Bethel delegation to the Urbana student missions conference every 3 years.

Tanden Brekke

Assistant Campus Pastor/Outreach Ministries

Tanden works with the Twin Cities Outreach (TCO) and Sankofa programs. These ministries give students the opportunity to experience life outside of the Bethel community while learning from the experiences of others.

Donna Johnson

Assistant Campus Pastor/Prayer Ministries

Donna leads the prayer ministries at Bethel. She finds a variety of ways to engage students and employees in the power of prayer by forming prayer teams, planning community events, and being available for counseling and prayer.

Chris LaRue

Chapel Producer

Chris inspires and designs the creative pieces of each chapel service. She incorporates elements of video, sound, drama, and design to draw our community together to worship our God. Chris also leads the United Worship Ministries at Bethel, which includes the musical worship teams as well as those interested in sharing their artistic gifts as a form of community worship in vespers and chapel.

Leslie O'Brien

Administrative Assistant to Campus Pastor

Leslie is the daily face of our office. She welcomes visitors with warmth and personality. She also pulls together details and tasks to keep many of our ministries running smoothly.

Kurty Darling

Seminary Intern

Kurty works with the associate campus in the discipleship area to disciple, equip, and encourage the ministry of Shift. She works directly with the Shift Team Leaders in Edgren and the Commuters group.

Ben Capps

Seminary Intern

Ben is working with the associate campus pastor in the discipleship area to both 'deliver' to and 'discover' needed discipleship for sophomores. In 'delivery', Ben is piloting discipleship huddles and resourcing in Lissner Hall in close collaboration with the resident director and RA staff. In 'discovery', Ben will work on a "Sophomore Discipleship Round Table" to discern and collaborate with our student life and academic life partners.

Dave Heinrich

Ministry Partner

Dave is working under the campus pastor on strategic initiatives and special ministry projects. In particular, Dave's impact has been powerful and deep among the small groups he has led on the Holy Spirit and apologetics.

Neal Eukel

Undergrad Intern

Neil is working with the associate campus pastor in the Solidarity Missions Partnerships (SMP) to train and equip spring break missions team leaders and to shepherd spring break mission teams in preparation, engagement, and reentry.