Elisabeth Lefebvre

Job Title

  • Assistant Professor of Education
    Education, College of Arts and Sciences


Dr. Elisabeth E. Lefebvre is an assistant professor in the Department of Education at Bethel University. She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative and International Development Education with a minor in Sociocultural Studies in Education from the University of Minnesota, and an M.A. in International Studies from the University of Oregon. Before attending graduate school, she worked as an elementary school teacher in Louisiana, USA, and in Morocco. Lefebvre's interdisciplinary research examines the mutually constitutive and historical relationship between schooling and childhood, as well as the ways in which our ideas about schooling impact student and teacher experiences in the classroom.

Started at Bethel



  • Miami University - B.A. in History and Political Science, 2006
  • University of Oregon - M.A. in International Studies, 2012
  • University of Minnesota - Ph.D. in Comparative and International Development Education, 2016

Courses Taught

EDU 317: Educational Equity

EDU 372: Educational Psychology: Exceptionalities & Classroom Management

EDUC 850: Doctoral Research III


University of Minnesota Doctoral Research Fellowship

John and Grace Cogan Graduate Research Fellowship, Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development, University of Minnesota

New Scholars Travel Merit Award, Comparative and International Education Society

Frank Braun Fellowship, Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development, University of Minesota

University of Minnesota Graduate Fellowship

Thurber Fellowship for Graduate Research in International Studies, University of Oregon


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Professional Organizations, Committees, and Boards

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

Comparative and International Education Society (Member, New Scholars Standing Committee Co-Chair)

Society for the History of Childhood and Youth (Member)

Hobbies and Interests

Elisabeth loves adventuring with her family, trying new recipes, and reading good books (which she collects with abandon).

Areas of expertise

Comparative Education; History of Education; Socio-Cultural Foundations of Education; Educational Equity; Childhood Studies; Colonial History; Education Policy; Qualitative Research Methods