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Upcoming Events at Bethel

MAR 28 2017

Medical Device Research at Bethel

10:20 a.m. BU Library Fireside Lounge

Learn more about Bethel's contribution to the medical device industry for the past 27 years.

MAR 28 2017

Journalism Symposium

6 p.m. Alumni Lounge and Olson Boardroom

Paul Glader, head of The Kings College Journalism Program, Speaks about Trump, Journalism, Facts and Faith

MAR 28 2017

Special Education M.A. and Licensing Online Info Session

6 p.m. CT Online

Learn more about our Special Education M.A. and licenses!

MAR 28 2017

Reconciliation, Jesus, Hip Hop, and the Spoken Word

6 p.m. the Underground

What can hip hop and the spoken word teach us about Jesus and reconciliation?

MAR 28 2017

Great Waters Financial Seminar

6:30 p.m. AC 324

This is a rental event and not sponsored or endorsed by Bethel.

MAR 28 2017

FFP Wealth Management Course

7 p.m. Lundquist Community Life Center (CLC)

Rental Event

MAR 29 2017

Bring a Friend to Class Night - B.S. in Nursing

9:30 a.m. CT Anderson Center (ANC) 209

Do you have a friend you'd like to bring to class with you?

MAR 29 2017

No CAS Chapel Today

10:15 a.m.

No chapel due to CAS Advising Day

MAR 29 2017

Monson Cooking Demo

11 a.m. Monson Dining Center

Watch us create something interesting (and tasty) at lunch today!

MAR 30 2017

Scholarship Recognition Dinner 2017

5:30 p.m. Anderson Center

By-invitation-only event for scholarship donors and recipients

MAR 30 2017

AFES Seminar

7 p.m. CLC 117

This is a rental event and not sponsored or endorsed by Bethel.

MAR 31 2017

Chapel: Global Worship Movement

10:15 a.m. Benson Great Hall

Peter Shu and Global Worship Movement

MAR 31 2017

Midnight Mystery Madness

10 p.m. The Underground and off campus

It's all a mystery!

APR 1 2017

Minneapolis Commodores

3 p.m. Benson Great Hall

Barbershop rocks!

APR 2 2017


8 p.m. Benson Great Hall

A time of musical worship

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