Victor Ezigbo

Job Title


Exploration of how a religious community's context constitutes an indispensable source of theology, with emphasis on Christian communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Started at Bethel



  • ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja, Nigeria - B.A., 1998
  • Wheaton College - M.A., 2002
  • University of Edinburgh - M.Th., 2005
  • University of Edinburgh - Ph.D., 2008

Courses Taught

  • Christian Theologies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
  • Theology Seminar: Christology 
  • Christian Theology and Social Issues
  • Contemporary Theological Issues  
  • Introduction to Christian Theologies


2018 Vice-Chancellor Public Lectureship: University of Jos (Nigeria)

Research Fellow Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh (Scotland, United Kingdom): 2014


Most Recent Publications

Ezigbo, Victor I. "African Christian or Christian African? Identity relations in African Christianity." In Sources of the Christian Self: A Cultural History of Christian Identity, edited by James M. Houston and Jens Zimmermann. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2018.

Ezigbo, Victor I. "God in Human Contexts: Doing Theology Contextually." In Five Views on Theological Method, edited by Stanley Porter and Steve M. Studebaker. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Press, 2018.

Ezigbo, Victor I. "Violent Christians, Nigerian Public Square, and the utility of Jesus' forgiveness sayings for tackling Religious Violence." International Journal of Public Theology ,12, no. 2 (2018), 236-259.


Ezigbo, Victor I. "Speaking about the Unspeakable: Conversing with Barth and Ejizu on Mediated Divine Action." In Karl Barth and Comparative Theology, edited by Martha Moore-Kish and Christians Collins Winn. Fordham University Press (forthcoming).



Ezigbo, Introducing Christian Theologies: Voices from Global Christian Communities. Vol. 2. Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2015.

Ezigbo, Introducing Christian Theologies: Voices from Global Christian Communities. Vol. 1. Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2013.

Ezigbo, Victor I. Re-imagining African Christologies: Conversing with the Interpretations and Appropriations of Jesus Christ in Contemporary African Christianity. Eugene, OR: PICKWICK, 2010.

Essays and Chapters

Ezigbo, Victor. "Imagining Mutual Christian Theological Identity: From Apologia to Dialogic Theologizing." Journal of Ecumenical Studies 50, no. 3 (2015): 452-472.

Ezigbo, Victor I. "Rhetoric of God's Empowerment in Nigerian Christianity: Its Import for Christian Identity and Social Responsibility." Journal of Third World Studies. (2015) 

Ezigbo, Victor I and Reggie L. Williams, "Converting a Colonialist Christ: Toward an African Postcolonial Christology." In Great Awakenings: Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations, edited by Kathryn Smith, Chitra Lalitha, and Daniel Hawk. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Press, (2014)

Ezigbo, Victor I. "Jesus as God's Communicative and Hermeneutical Acts: Conversing with African Christologies." In Jesus with Borders: Christology in Global Context, edited by, Gene Green, Steve Pardue, and K. K. Yeo. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans (2014)

Ezigbo, Victor I. "Religion and Divine Presence: Appropriating Christianity from within African Indigenous Religions' Perspective." In African Traditions in the Study of Religion in Africa, edited by Afe Adogame, Ezra Chitando and Bolaji Bateye, 187-203. Surrey: Ashgate, 2012.

Ezigbo, Victor I. "Anonymous Pietists: Pietistic Consciousness in the Indigenous Gold Coast (Ghana) in the Pre-Basel Mission Era." In The Pietist Impulse in Christianity, edited by Christian T. Collins Winn, Christopher Gerz, and G. W. Carlson, 307316. Eugene: OR: PICKWICK, 2011.

Ezigbo, Victor I. "African Indigenous Spirituality." In Dictionary of Christian Spirituality, edited by Glen Scorgie, et al, 252-254. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2011.

Ezigbo, Victor I. "Harris, William Wade (prophet)." In Dictionary of Christian Spirituality, edited by Glen Scorgie, et al, 252-254. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2011.



University Lectures and Public Talks
  • 2018: University of Jos (Nigeria)

                        Topic: "From a Spear of Violence to a Balm of Peace: Discerning Religion's Healing Powers for addressing Religious Violence in Nigeria"

  • 2017: Center for Research in Christianity (Nigeria)

                        Topic: "Christianity, Social Responsibility, and the Nigerian Public Square"

  • 2014: World Christianity Lecture, The School of Divinity, The University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)

                       Topic: "Dialogic Theologizing in Christian Publics: Transposing Contextual Theologies in World Christianity's Terrain."

Areas of expertise

Systematic theology and contextual theology, with special interest in non-Western Christian theologies, particularly Christologies