Karin Farrington

Job Titles


Karin started her teaching career in 2004 in K-12 Special Education EBD, SLD, OHI, and ASD and has taught in federal settings I,II,III,IV. She received her K-12 Art teaching license in 2018, has four years of teaching experience as a K-5 Elementary Art teacher, and is currently a High School Art teacher. Karin began her adjunct position at Bethel University in 2013 in the Special Education MA program where she was an instructor, thesis advisor, and student teacher supervisor. After receiving her Visual Arts teaching license, she expanded her roles at Bethel to include: Instructing in the Teaching MA Program and the CAS Education Program, as well as Thesis Advising for both the Teaching MA and Special Education MA programs.

Started at Bethel



  • Bethel University - B.A. in Social Work, 2002
  • Augsburg College - M.A. in Special Education EBD, 2005

Courses Taught

EDUC674 Visual Arts K-12 Teaching Methods

EDU366 CAS Visual Arts Curriculum Methods

EDUC750 Student Teaching Seminar

EDUC751 Special Education Student Teaching Seminar

SPED 480 Student Teaching Academic Behavioral Strategist

SPED 608 Introduction to Academic Instruction and Behavior Management for Exceptional Learners.

Certificates and Licenses

  • Visual Arts K-12 Teaching License (2018)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders License (2015)
  • Emotional Behavioral Disorders License (2005)

Areas of expertise

Visual Arts Instruction, Special Education Instruction, Thesis Advising, Student Teaching Supervising, K-12 Visual Arts and Special Education Classroom Teaching. Karin has had a wide range of teaching experiences throughout her professional career. She enjoys working with both adolescent and adult learners, and believes strongly in the importance of relational instruction with students of all ages.


"There is nothing more artistic than to love people." -Vincent van Gogh