Jeff Jacob

Job Titles

  • Professor of Economics
    Economics College of Arts and Sciences
  • Professor
    MBA, Graduate School
    Management Information Systems (B.S.) College of Adult and Professional Studies


Teaching and research interests in applied econometrics, economic development and business analytics.

Started at Bethel



  • St. Stephen's College, Delhi University, India - B.A. in Economics, 1997
  • Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University, India. - M.A. in Economics, 1999
  • Southern Methodist University - M.A. in Economics, 2003
  • Southern Methodist University - Ph.D. in Economics, 2006


Dr. Jeff Jacob is a professor of economics at Bethel University. Prior to Bethel, he has worked in some leading economic policy think tanks in India where his research revolved around international trade issues. Informed by his Christian faith, his scholarship centers around issues of well-being of people.

He has taught a wide variety of courses at Bethel (undergraduate, adult undergraduate and MBA) and Southern Methodist University in the areas of economics and data analytics. His teaching philosophy is to not only enable his students to understand the economic concepts, learn to think critically and apply the tools they have learned to analyze and solve real life problems but also to challenge them to think about questions of personal choice, social welfare and policy from the objective of loving God, loving others and doing justice.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses: BUS416 Data Mining and Business Forecasting; BUS317 Business Analytics; ECO201 Principles of Economics; BUS100M Business Calculus; ECO305 International Trade and Finance; ECO401 Advanced Economic Theory; ECO301 Intermediate Microeconomics; ECO340 Econometrics; ECO320G Issues in Less Developed Economies

Graduate (MBA) Courses: LEAD661 Data Analytics for Leaders; ECON635 Managerial Economics; BUSN605 Data Analysis and Decision Making


Faculty Development Grant, with Tim Essenburg, 2016.

Online Course Development Grant, Bethel University, 2010.

Travel Grant, Bethel University, 2007.

Membership in "Omicron Delta Epsilon", the honors society in Economics.


Bagus, B., Bose, F. and Jacob, J. (2021). Get in Line:  Do Part-Time legislatures use Sunset Laws to Keep Executive Agencies in Check. Regulation & Governance 15, 185-199.

Jacob, J. and Munasib, A. (2020). Do Social Networks Promote Homeownership? International Review of Economics.67(2), 189-230.

Jacob, J. and Osang, T. (2020). Democracy and Growth: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis. Singapore Economic Review, 65(1), 41-80

Jacob, J. (2019) Remittance Trends in South Asia: An Empirical Analysis. In "Diaspora Christianities: Global Scattering and Gathering of South Asian Christians", ed by Sam George. Fortress Press.

Bose, F., Jacob, J., (2018). Changing Sexual Regulations in the U.S. from 1990 to 2010: Spatial Panel Data Analysis. Review of Economics and Institutions, 9(1), Article 3.

Jacob, Jeffry and Thomas Osang (2015), Institutions, Trade and Geography: A Panel data Study. Faith and Economics, 66(2), 95-123     

Jacob, J (2014) "Global Recession." The New Faces of American Poverty: A Reference Guide to the Great Recession. Timothy Essenburg and Lindsey Hansen, eds. Santa Barbara, CA: ABCCLIO. 2014

"The Implications of Distance on the Internalization of Faith Issues", with Stephen Whiting and MaryAnn Harris, CBFA Proceedings, 2014


"Say Yes To Drugs: Using the State to Keep Out Pioneering Drug Addiction Treatments"

*       The Association for Private Enterprise Education (APEE), (Feler Bose), March 2018

"Impact of Academic Support on Student Performance: An Econometric Analysis"

*       ACBSP Region 4 Annual Conference, Minnesota, Oct 2017

"Sunset Legislation in the States: Balancing the Legislature and the Executive"

*       Public Choice Conference (Feler Bose), March 2017

"Role of Democracy in Economic Development"

*       University of Memphis (invited seminar, Thomas Osang), 2016

*       Southern Economic Association (Thomas Osang), 2015

*       Conference on the Economics of Global Poverty, Gordon College, Boston, 2015

*       Auburn University (invited seminar, Thomas Osang), 2015

"Determinants of Sexual Freedom in the United States from 1990-2010: A Panel Data Study"

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*       Monash University, Monash, Australia, 2012 (by Thomas Osang)

"Religion and Economic Development"

*       Association for Scientific Study of Religion, Economics and Culture, November 2007

Professional Organizations, Committees, and Boards

American Economic Association

Association of Christian Economists


Areas of expertise

Micro-econometrics and panel data methods, business analytics, economic development

Research interests

Economic growth and development; social capital; economics of religion; political economy.