Kevin L. Johnson

Job Title

  • Adjunct Associate Professor
    Business & Economics College of Arts and Sciences


Dr. K.L. Johnson is a Teaching Partner (Adjunct Associate Professor) at Bethel University. He teaches in the Undergraduate (CAS Business and Economics Department), Adult Undergraduate, and Graduate MBA Program of Bethel CAPS/GS.

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  • Dartmouth College - B.A., Engineering Sciences, 1991
  • Indiana University - M.B.A., Finance and Marketing, 1996
  • Indiana University - Ph.D., Strategy & Entrepreneurship, 2005


Dr. K.L. Johnson is a Bethel University Teaching Partner. He teaches in the CAS Business and Economics Department as well as the MBA Program of Bethel CAPS/GS.

Dr. Johnson has considerable business experience ranging from door-to-door sales, to engineering, to serving as a Business Development Specialist for a Fortune 500. He also has extensive teaching experience which includes teaching entrepreneurship (Indiana University); strategic management (Baylor University); and organizational behavior and leadership (University of St. Thomas); as well as, Business Problem Solving, Advanced Managerial Finance, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Bethel University).

His teaching philosophy is that learning should positively change one’s behavior; and, his research philosophy is that discovery should add to one’s understanding as well as lead to new questions. His research interests include corporate entrepreneurship, new venture strategies and innovation, with a focus on the performance of internal corporate ventures.

Courses Taught

  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • Business Problem Solving
  • Advanced Managerial Finance


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  • “Value Proposition Evolution and the Performance of Internal Corporate Ventures.” Selected as Best Paper (AOM 2013)
  • The role of structural and planning autonomy in the performance of internal corporate ventures," (The OCB Research Symposium 2013)
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Certificates and Licenses

Engineer-In-Training Certification (EIT)/Fundamentals of Engineering (FE)

Professional Organizations, Committees, and Boards

Editorial board member of the Journal of Business Theory and Practice (JBTP).

Hobbies and Interests


Holy Scriptures

Raising two young children to love the Lord

Areas of expertise

Strategic Management & Planning

Research interests

Corporate Entrepreneurship / Internal Corporate Venturing New Venture Creation Strategies Business and Technology Innovation

Teaching specialty

Strategic Management & Planning


Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst, Expect something In-Between.