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Angela Stoeckman

Job Title

  • Associate Professor of Chemistry
    Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences

Started at Bethel



  • Bethel University - B.S., 1997
  • University of Minnesota - Ph.D., 2003

Research interests

I am interested in the regulation of fatty acid metabolism. Fatty acids are not only important in the generation of ATP/energy, but they are important signaling molecules and inflammatory mediators. Fatty acids are stored as triacylglycerol (TAG) molecules in a dynamic cellular organelle called the lipid droplet. My research focuses on proteins that coat these lipid droplets in the hepatocyte and act to regulate the entry or exit of TAGs.


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Presented Research Poster at the August 2005 “Immunochemistry and Immunobiology” Gordon Conference held at Queen’s College in Oxford, England. “The Role of a Variant Lymphoid Phosphatase in T Cell Development and Function.”

Presented Research Poster at The Endocrine Society’s 84th annual meeting (June 2002) San Francisco, CA. “The Role of SREBP-1c in Nutritional Regulation of Lipogenic Enzyme Gene Expression.”

Presented Research Poster at the 1999 ASBMB Fall Symposium “Nutritional Control of Gene Transcription” held in Taos, New Mexico. “Regulation of Uncoupling Protein-2 in the Hepatocyte by Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids.”