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Jay Tracy

Job Titles

  • Adjunct Instructor, LP
    Counseling Psychology (M.A.), Graduate School


  • University of Minnesota - B.A. in Psychology,
  • University of Minnesota - B.A. in Physiology,
  • St. Cloud State University - B.S. Allied Health,
  • RN Lakewood Community College - A.D. Nursing,
  • Minnesota School of Professional Psychology - PsyD, Clinical Psychology,

Areas of expertise

As an adjunct professor at Bethel University, Tracy teaches neuropsychology, biological bases of behavior, to the graduate students in counseling psychology. He is the author of two books, "Pain: It's Not All In Your Head; The Test Don't Show Everything", and “Pain: Nerves On Fire; Changing Neuropathic Pain.”


Jay Tracy, PA-C, PsyD, LP is a Physician Assistant, since 1975.  He is a licensed psychologist since 2000. He has worked at Courage Center in the Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program and Phoenix Center Pain Services in Golden Valley since 2005.  Previously, he worked at Sister Kenny Institute, Abbott Northwestern Hospital Chronic Pain Program for 6 years.  Prior to this, he was the Director of a Chronic Pain Program and Back and Neck Rehabilitation Program at The Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology for 27 years.  He also worked in Neurosurgery at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Minneapolis.