Ray VanArragon

Job Titles

  • Department Chair
    Music and Theatre, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dean of Faculty
    Bethel University


VanArragon is Dean of Faculty and Professor of Philosophy

Started at Bethel



  • Calvin College - B.A. in Philosophy, 1995
  • University of Notre Dame - Ph.D. in Philosophy, 2002


VanArragon has been interested in philosophy for as long as he can remember, but he decided to major in philosophy and pursue a career in the subject during his freshman year in college. Issues in philosophy of religion were the ones that initially pulled him in, and those concerns have motivated his study of various subjects in philosophy since then. For example, in graduate school at Notre Dame his wrote his dissertation on skepticism. The official topic was skepticism about sense perception and the like, but it was and remains skepticism about religious claims that has motivated his interest in the subject. These days he most enjoy spending time with his family-his wife Janel and their children Caleb and Kathryn. They enjoy reading books, playing games, going for walks, and playing golf (and in the winter, playing hockey).

Professional Organizations, Committees, and Boards

President, Faculty Senate, Bethel University College of Arts and Sciences

Areas of expertise

VanArragon explores the ways Christians ought to deal with religious diversity and disagreement about moral and political issues. His interests also include philosophy of religion, skepticism about religious claims, free will, and moral responsibility.