Healthcare Pathway

The healthcare pathway prepares graduates to tackle the industry’s most pressing issues. Through focused academic coursework, intentional exploration of healthcare and health careers, individual career counseling, and internships with corporate partners, you’ll get a tailored educational experience aimed at custom-fitting you with a job you’ll love in healthcare. 

Why join the pathway?

Fulfill your desire to combine your passion with meaningful work through a career in healthcare. Whether you want to study music, philosophy, art, or business, you can put your education to good use through a career in healthcare.

  • Practical courses. You’ll gain valuable knowledge and exposure to a variety of healthcare settings and careers through practical courses and engagement with partner companies.
  • Career-focused support. You’ll receive special support from Bethel’s Career and Calling team to assess your employment goals and prepare for a seamless transition to the workplace. 
  • Real-world experience. You’ll have the opportunity to apply any number of internships with partner companies starting after your sophomore year, gaining hands-on experience that will help you excel in a fast-paced, innovative industry.

Program structure

Healthcare endorsement track

Freshman year

  • Take CHL110: Intro to Healthcare and Health Careers to gain industry awareness through an
    introduction to the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Learn more about the breadth of career possibilities by participating in career exploration events.

Sophomore year

  • Take COM209: Introduction to Health Communication: as a course assignment, students will explore an area of healthcare related to an area of interest or career field, focusing on the current trends and emerging needs in the field.
  • Begin working with the Office of Career Development and Calling to map out your path to employment.
  • Participate in site visits to partner companies to experience both the culture and work environment in a variety of healthcare sectors.

Sophomore or junior year

  • Choose from the following courses:
    • COM319: Health Campaigns and Technology
    • ENS/PHI 335K: Environmental Ethics
    • GES390K: Decision Making and Medical Technology
    • PHI110: Contemporary Moral Issues
    • THE263: Christian Social Ethics

Junior and senior year

  • Complete an internship with a partner company to gain valuable real-world experience in a healthcare setting.
  • Conclude the program with a reflective presentation that incorporates elements of the internship and demonstration of program outcomes, such as reflecting on the role of patient, provider, and payer.
  • Use the connections you've gained and your experience to land a great job in the healthcare industry.

How to qualify

Students should commit to the pathway by the fall semester of their sophomore year. In order to continue participation in the pathway, students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 and complete the requirements of the pathway.

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