Program Details Disclaimer

Bethel University strives to keep information on up to date, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or currency of the information. Any errors in the information that are brought to our attention will be corrected as soon as possible. Bethel reserves the right to change information on this website at any time and without notice. This includes:

  • Changes to the schedule, location, number of classes, and mode of delivery for an academic program, provided such alterations are reasonable.
  • Variations to the content and syllabus of academic programs.
  • Suspending or discontinuing an academic program.
  • Changes to the cost of an academic program or course. (Such changes would go into effect at the beginning of the following academic year or start of a new term.)
  • Changes to credit requirements, either for an academic program or a specific course, or transfer credits accepted from another institution or from prior learning experiences.
  • Required changes to university policies and procedures related to a law change or request by accreditors. (Such changes will normally go into effect at the beginning of the following academic year or start of a new term.)
  • Canceling specific academic programs or to combine them with others if the university reasonably considers this to be necessary (for example, because too few students apply to join the program for it to be viable).

In the unlikely event that the university discontinues or does not provide an academic program or changes it significantly before it begins:

  • Bethel will tell relevant individuals at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Students will be able to withdraw their applications by telling the university in writing within a reasonable time after learning about the change.

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