History Center

Friends of the Archives

The Friends of the Baptist General Conference History Center at Bethel is a voluntary, self-perpetuating auxiliary to the Center, existing under the purview of the office of the President of Bethel University. Click here for a list of publications.

The mission of the Friends is to:

  • Encourage the acquisition of documents and materials relevant to the history of the Swedish Baptists, the Baptist General Conference, and Bethel University.
  • Raise money for special projects and an endowment fund.
  • Advocate for appropriate monetary and physical plant support.
  • To provide voluntary services under the management of the Director of Archives.

Trail Markers

Read the Friends of the Archives News Letter, Trail Markers. It's full of interesting facts about Baptist General Conference History.

Interested in visiting BGC historic sites? To assist you in your travels, we've compiled a list of significant historic sites and their locations

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