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College Avenue Baptist Church, San Diego, CA

Historical Significance:  What is now College Avenue Baptist Church was established in 1892 by Pastor Augustus B. Orgren. It was the fourth Swedish Baptist Church established in California. They met first in the facilities of First Baptist Church, San Diego. Property was purchased at the corner of 19th and H ( Market). The first building cost $2000. The congregation defaulted on the mortgage in 1901 and the property reverted to ownership by First Baptist Church. The Board of Trustees continued to meet until in 1907 they re-organized and called C.M. Nelson to be their pastor. A new building was constructed at 16th and E.  where the church continued until it purchase the current property on College Avenue in 1938. The first building on the new site of was dedicated in July 1940. For many years, COllege Avenue was the largest congregation in the Baptist General Conference.

Address and Directions: 4747 College Avenue, San Diego, CA
Also Visit: 19th and H, and 16th and E in downtown San Diego.

Current Use: The original building at 19th and H is still actively used by a Christian congregation. The building at 16th and E no longer exists. The property at 4747 College Avenue has been extensively developed over the years and is the site of a very active College Avenue Baptist Church.

Lakeside Baptist Church, Oakland, CA

Historic Significance:

Address And Directions:

Educational Sites

Bethel Seminary San Diego

Historical Significance: Bethel Seminary San Diego was started in the facilities of College Avenue Baptist Church in 1977. In 1990, the Seminary moved into its own beautiful new building right across from the parking lot of College Avenue Church at 6116 Arosa St. The Seminary and College Avenue Church still have a very important cooperative relationship.

Address and Directions: Take I-805 north out of San Diego to I-8. Go East to the College Avenue exit. Go right or South about 2 miles to Arosa Street.

Other Historic Sites

Swedish Baptist Pacific Home, Los Angeles, CA

Historical Significance: Among the Swedish Baptists, there was a strong social concern from the beginning. In California, this manifest itself in a drive to establish a Swedish Baptist old people’s home. In 1918, a large residence was given to the State Conference for this purpose by a Mrs. C. Volland. The home was legally incorporated in 1919 at 222 West 41st Street, in Los Angeles. Several facilities have replaced that original home.

Address and Directions: Currently, the Valley Christian  Home ( it’s current name) is at 155 N. Girard St., Hemet, CA