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Historical Sites In Sweden

Historical Sites

  1. Vallersvik and Borekulla Stugan:
    the site of the first Swedish Baptist baptismal service on September 21, 1848.
    The first Baptist church in Sweden was formed that same evening in the Borekulla cottage.

    Address and Contact information: Vallersvik konferens – och semestercenter,
    Box 64 SE-430 30 Frillesás,Sweden phone +46-340-65 30 00
    Home page: www.vallersvik.com Email: info@vallersvik.com
  2. Hovrätten, Jönköping
    The Appeal Court where F. O. Nilsson was sentence to be banished from the country.

    Address and Contact information: write or call the Jönköping Baptist Church, Fabriksgatan 14 SE-553 18 Jönköping, Sweden phone +46-36-71 12 87 Baptshovsvagen 29 SE-168 39 Bromma, Sweden Principal:Mr. Magnus Franzen phone +46-8-546 350 21 Email: magnus@betel.st

  3. Baptist Mission Exhibition, Bethel, Âkeshovsvägen 29 SE-168 39 Bromma, Sweden Principal:Mr. Magnus Franzen phone +46-8-546 350 21 
    Email: magnus@betel.st

  4. John Ongman Memorial, Oviken. Statue, exhibition
    John Ongman was the first pastor of the First Swedish Baptist Church in St. Paul and also a pastor of the First Swedish Baptist Church in Chicago, an energetic evangelist and influential leader of the Swedish Baptists in America 
    Contact: Rev. Anders Silverdahl, Joxâsen 480, SE-830 24z
    Oviken phone +46-463-101 16

  5. The City of Arvika
    Arvika is the town where John Alexis Edgren was born and raised. The house is still there, but is a private dwelling and not accessible to the public. Edgren received the blessing from his father on his preaching in this house. Edgren’s parents are buried on the property.
    Directions: Arvika is about 45 km  west  of Hwy 45 on Hwy 61.

  6. The Baptist Union of Sweden
    ( 243 church with 17,592 members) Address and Contact information:
    Starrbacksgatan 11, SE-172 99 Sundbyberg, Sweden phone +46-8-564 827 00
    Email: baptist@baptist.se  Home page: www.baptist.se

  7. Teologiska Hogskolan Stockholm (THS)
    The former Betel Seminariat that trained so many of the early BGC leaders has now merged with the  Mission Covenant Seminary. They are at the former site of Bethel Seminary, Akeshovsvagen29, SE-168 39 Bromma. Their web site is www.ths.se. There is also a music institute and a Bible institute on the same site as well as a folk high school.
  1. The Orebro Mission School which broke from the original Betel Seminariat and formed the more charismatic wing of the evangelical movement in Sweden is at Astadaisvagen2, Bos 1623, S-701 16 Orebro. It has merged with twoother groups: The Holiness Movement and the Free Baptist Union. These three groups have formed the Evangelical Free Church (Evangeliska frikyrkan)

Historical Churches

  1. First Baptist Church, Stockholm ( Norrmalmskyrkan) Norrtullsgatan 37, SE-113 27 Stockholm, Sweden Phone: +46-8-545 471 30 E mail: infor@norrnalnskyrkan.se Home page: http://www.norrmalmskyrkan.se/
  2. Uppsala Baptist Church: Baptiskyrkan, Bangârdsgata 11, Uppsala, Sweden Mailing Address: Box 1605, SE-751 46,phone: +46-18-13 05 65 Email: kontakt@baptistkyrkaniuppsala.se Home page: http://www.baptistkyrkaniuppsala.se/
  3. First Baptist Church in Gothenberg
    (Baptistkyrkan Tabernaklet), Church entrance: Storgatan 39, Office: Götabergsgatan 4,  SE-411 34 Göteborg, Phone +46-31-13 80 95 Email: hellsten.roland@telia.com Home page: www.tabernaklet.se
  4. Órebro First Baptist Church
    Betelkyrkan, Köpmangatan 19, SE-702 10 Órebro Phone: 19-611 62 30  Email: exp@betelkyrkan.se Home page: www.betelkyrkan.se
  5. Sundsvall Baptist Church, Elimkyrkan, Norra Jarnvagsgatan 16, S-852 32 Sundsvall. Phone: +46-60-61 78 80. E mail: kyrkan@elimkyrkansundsvall.se Home page: www.elimkyrkansundsvall.se/
  6. Hyllie Park kyrkan, Elinelundsvagen
    55 A, SE-216 23 Malmö. Phone +46-40-37 59 03. Email: kyrkan@hylliepark.se Home page: www.hylliepark.se
  7. Glanne Kapell (Chapel)
    This is the brick meeting house where Per Nilsson baptized over 350 converts in the revivals of 1877 and 1888. The congregation grew to over 400 but then was decimated by immigration to America. Many from Glanne Kapell came to Ogema, WI and formed the Swedish Baptist Church there. Glanne Kapell is on Highway 45 the main north south road in Western Sweden. 8 km north of the intersection with Highway 61 which is the main east-west road. The community is Frykerud.