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Trinity Baptist Church, Fairfield, CT

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Elim Park Baptist Home, Cheshire, CT

Historic Significance: Elim Park was originally planned as a country refuge for Swedes from the city. It was used as a picnic and conference grounds. 80 acres in Connecticut were purchased by a committee from the First Swedish Baptist Church in New York City in 1907. As the needs of the elderly became more evident, provision for them was made at the site in Shelton, CT and eventually a larger residence was constructed for that purpose. The home moved to its present site in Cheshire, CT in 19

Address And Directions: 140 Cook Hill Rd., Cheshire, CT.

Klingberg Children’s Home, New Britain, CT

Historic Significance: On May 20, 1903, Pastor J. E. Klingberg found three small boys living in a broken down shack in New Britain, CT. He took them home to his wife . Thus began the Klingberg Children’s Home. J. E. rented a house where the boys could be cared for which was eventually joined by other houses. In just more than a decade, the number of children grew to almost 100. In 1922, a large new facility had been constructed for the work on top of a beautiful hill in New Britain. The work of the Klingberg Family Centers continues to this day.

Address And Directions: 370 Linwood Street, New Britain, CT.