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Albin Baptist Church, Albin, Wyoming

Historic Significance:
In May,1897, a small group of Swedish immigrants gathered in the home of Lars Hindrickson to organize as a Swedish Baptist Church. The church was originally called “Lilla Heden” (which means a small training field) of Kirk, Wyoming. They petitioned to join the Nebraska Swedish Baptist Conference. In 1903, they relocated to the town of Gary, Nebraska since most lived near there. A gift of 2 acres of land was given and a church building was erected and dedicated in 1905. The church was called the Gary Church. In 1928, the Union Pacific Railroad came through and built the town of Albin just West of Gary, and the church voted to move to Albin. The name was changed to the Albin Baptist Church and the new church building was dedicated on June 15, 1930.

Address and Directions:
The Albin Baptist Church is an active congregation to this day. Take Highway 85 north out of Cheyenne, Wy. About 50 miles north, look for State Highway 216 going East. Albin is at the crossroads of State Highway 216 and State Highway 215 near the Eastern Wyoming border. The church is in the center of the town. The original Gary Church building is still standing, but empty. It is on the State Line Road between Wyoming and Nebraska about 2 ½ miles East and ½ mile North of the Albin Baptist Church.