Academic Summer Camps are Key in College Prep

Attending an academic summer camp or program can help middle and high school students explore their interests, make new friends, and round out their future college and scholarship applications. When planning your family’s summer, be sure to consider the camps and programs available to your student—and local universities are a great place to start looking.

Try Something New

Summer camps and programs give your student the opportunity to try something new. Bethel hosts a variety of summer programs centered on topics that are often of high interest to students, including astronomy, business, healthcare, theology, and biochemistry. Your student might choose a program because they’re considering the topic as a future college major. Or your student might choose a camp simply because it sounds interesting! Summer camps are a great chance for low-commitment, high-engagement exploration.

Imagine Life on a College Campus

By attending a summer camp at a local university, students will get a taste of college life. For example, attending a summer camp at Bethel gives students the chance to experience life on campus, interact with Bethel students and faculty, eat in the Monson Dining Center, and for some camps they’ll even stay in residence halls.

Gain Valuable Experience

When applying for college, scholarships, or jobs, your student might be asked questions about their extra-curricular experiences. Your student will be able to draw from his or her summer camp experiences when working on applications and preparing for interviews. And it’s not just a valuable resume-builder; spending time with others at a summer camp can help your student develop their relational skills, too, like communication, empathy, and teamwork.

Make New Friends

Summer programs give students from many different schools the chance to join together around a shared interest. It’s likely that your student will come back with new connections and many stories about their experiences. Some of your student’s camp friends may even become future college classmates!

Stay Active

Finally, attending a summer camp or program can help your student stay active during the break from school. According to a number of studies, students are likely to experience learning loss during summer vacation. Learning in a fun environment engages your student’s critical thinking and social skills, which will help them avoid the infamous “summer slide.”

Bethel University welcomes hundreds of students to campus for academic and athletic camps each summer. Check out our summer camps and programs webpage for a full list.