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Living The Questions: July 2021

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Living the Questions is much more than a week at camp. It's a summer program plus a leadership experience!

The adventure begins with a weeklong summer program on the campus of Bethel University, followed by a leadership experience. During the nine-months of the leadership experience, you will meet monthly with an adult mentor, work on a community engagement project and return to campus for two retreats.

Summer Program

Living the Questions begins with seven, fun-filled days of living and learning on the campus of Bethel University. Students connect with our faculty and staff — credentialed scholars and experienced professionals who are also compassionate men and women of faith — as they lead a wide variety of engaging, educational activities. During this week, students experience:

  • Nurturing friendships within a diverse community
  • Thought-provoking workshops from Bethel faculty
  • Opportunities to put faith into action
  • Reflection around God’s calling and gifting
  • Small group discussions and bible study
  • Worship, play and rest

Mentor Experience

As part of the Leadership Experience, students meet monthly with an adult mentor from their local church or faith community. During this time, students create a relationship with a spiritual leader who encourages them to continue growing in their faith journey and develop a Christ-centered lifestyle.

Community Engagement Project

As part of the Leadership Experience, students are asked to work on a community engagement project. This service-learning opportunity help students see how God can use them to make an impact in their local community and around the world.

Overnight Retreats

As part of the Leadership Experience, students are invited to return to Bethel University during the year for two overnight retreats on campus, allowing them to reconnect and share their experiences. The Fall retreat provides a time for students to experience what Bethel has to offer and further explore their calling. The closing Spring retreat focuses on reflection and celebration of the Living the Questions experience.


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