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Living The Questions Youth Theology Institute

The Purpose of Living the Questions

We provide motivated high school students the time, place, and tools to think theologically and discern God’s calling on their lives.

Program Goals

  • Develop skills to think theologically by exploring relevant questions raised by topics such as justice, science, and media
  • Gain understanding and appreciation for how God’s presence connects with human needs through service learning
  • Engage in reflective discussion to better understand one’s gifts and explore calling

What is the 2018 theme? SCIENCE & FAITH

The theme of SCIENCE & FAITH provides an intentional experience for students to discuss, reflect, and learn tools to navigate difficult questions like:

  • Why does God care about science?
  • Science and faith - are they really in conflict?
  • What if God created science?

This 10-month leadership experience begins with a 7-day summer program (July 8 - 14) at Bethel University and is followed by regular meetings with a mentor.

Cost is $295.00 and covers housing, food, and all programming. Local congregations are encouraged to provide financial support. Double early-bird discounted cost is $245 through May 1. Early-bird discounted cost is $270 through June 1. Scholarships are also available.

For More Information

See our FAQ page and Program Details page. Additional questions can be sent to program director Katie Frisen Smith at living-the-questions@bethel.edu or call 651.638.6117.

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