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Bethel's Youth Theology Institute

Bethel University's Youth Theology Institute seeks to help high school students grow as Truth-seekers and World-changers, through dialogue, reflection, and service. Each year the topic focuses on how faith intersects with one of these topics: justice, science or media.


Opportunities for High Schoolers

  • Living The Questions Summer Program: Join other students for a week of exploring how faith intersects with relevant topics while having fun and living at Bethel.                                                                                                      
  • Leadership Experience: Challenge your faith by participating in a 9-month leadership experience (August - April) that follows the summer program. The leadership experience includes three components: meeting regularly with an adult mentor, engaging in community service and attending two retreats at Bethel.                                                                                 

Opportunities for Churches

  • Youth Crew: Bring a team of Bethel students to your church for a free night or morning of youth programming. The program includes a devotional, engaging small group discussion and interactive games. We are scheduling dates for the months of October - April.                                                                       
  • Parent Workshops: Host an hour workshop for parents of middle- and/or high-schoolers. Workshops are designed to help parents explore ways to engage with their student around culturally relevant topics.


For more Information

Contact program director Katie Friesen Smith at living-the-questions@bethel.edu or call 651.638.6117.


Funded by a Lilly Endowment Grant and a Bethel Foundation Strategic Growth Award.