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Youth Crew


What is Youth Crew?

Bethel's Youth Crew is ready to serve you by facilitating an evening or morning of youth programming with your high school students! YOUTH CREW is made of university students who have a passion to help youth grow as truth-seekers and world-changers!

What does a typical program look like?

The program includes a devotional, small group discussion, testimonies and interactive games. We rotate the following themes on a yearly basis:

     Justice & Faith          Science & Faith          Media & Faith

How do I schedule a date for Youth Crew to come to my church?

Our schedule is open for October—April. To schedule a date, contact us at living-the-questions@bethel.edu or 651-638-6117. 


Youth Crew is a branch of Bethel's Youth Theology Institute. Supported by the Office of Christian Formation, Church Relations and Bethel Seminary.