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Payment Plan FAQ - College of Arts & Sciences

Read through this list of frequently asked questions to learn more about our payment plan available to students enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 651.638.6208 or send an email to

Can I make a down payment prior to enrolling in the semester payment plan?

Yes, a down payment can be made on your account, and your payment plan will be based on the remaining balance due on your student account.

What if I miss an enrollment date?

There are two enrollment deadlines for the Fall and Spring semesters. If you miss the first deadline, there is a second and final opportunity to enroll in the payment plan. 

Will all charges on my student account be included on my payment plan? 

Yes, all charges and credits on your student account will be included on the payment plan, including but not limited to Campus Store charges, meal plan adjustments, music lessons, parking permits, and parking fines.

Can my monthly payments differ each month?

Yes, your monthly payments can differ each month. Your payment plan will be recalculated on the 5th of each month. Your monthly payment is determined by the current account balance divided by the number of months remaining on the payment plan. You will be sent an email each time your monthly installments change. At any time you may view your current payment schedule online.

Can I make more than one payment to reach my monthly payment amount?

Yes, any combination of payments made by the 15th of the month will be applied toward your monthly payment. 

Is there a late fee if if I miss a payment?

A $25 late fee per month will be assessed on your student account for late payments.

Will I be allowed to register if I am late on my monthly payment?  

Registration for classes in succeeding terms is dependent on being current on all monthly payment installments.

Can I remain on my payment Plan if I withdraw from any or all classes at Bethel?

If you withdraw from any or all classes during the term, there may be adjustments on your student account that could either increase or decrease your balance. Please see the “Finances” section of the Bethel Catalog, or contact the Bethel Business Office and the Office of Financial Aid for further details. However, students who are currently enrolled in a Semester Payment Plan may remain in their payment plan for the remainder of the semester.