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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

Meeting the challenge.

While the pandemic has posed a distinct challenge to colleges and universities nationwide, it has also provided a unique opportunity for the entire Bethel community to step up and serve those in need. Our graduates are spreading hope on the front lines of the pandemic response, and our students continue to learn in a supportive yet challenging environment that will prepare them to transform the lives of others.

You can make a difference.

Your gifts will help mitigate risks and protect the community by funding:

  • Advanced no-contact thermal screening system that, in just two seconds, detects the presence of a virus, even without symptoms (6 machines operating 24/7 around campus)
  • On-campus testing in partnership with the Mayo Clinic Labs
  • Hepa air filters for all classrooms and a new air handling system for the entire campus
  • Special air purifiers and protective face masks for choir and band practice areas
  • Additional card access checkpoints around campus

By giving to our COVID-19 response efforts, you keep Bethel students and employees safe, protect the university’s immediate and long-term financial future, and express your full commitment to Christian higher education under extraordinary circumstances. With your generous support, the Bethel community will continue to thrive and strive for Jesus in these historic times and beyond.

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