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Science, Engineering, and Healthcare

Sciences at Bethel

Building on strength.

Bethel is nationally recognized as a leader in the sciences. Our graduates carry their Christ-centered perspective into the world’s healthcare organizations, laboratories, corporations, and ministries.

Imagine the possibilities.

Our programs are thriving despite the constraints of facilities that date back to 1972. Imagine what will happen with nearly 50,000 square feet of new, technically advanced space featuring a dedicated robotics lab, wireless microscope projection onto all four classroom walls, a “wet” lab for environmental sciences, enhanced supercomputing, and more. The new tower and renovated classrooms will mean new opportunities for:

  • Advanced study and research. Bethel’s premier science programs already draw top-level faculty and students. Imagine what will happen when our facilities match the excellence of those who work and study within them.
  • Cross-disciplinary synergy. Science departments long separated in different buildings will now come together. Neuroscience will work more closely with psychology and biology, and engineering with math and physics. With the humanities facilities adjacent, greater synergy with the liberal arts will be possible. 
  • Enhanced collaboration and hands-on learning. From day one, even first-year students partner with science and engineering professors on research. Now, in spaces designed to encourage community and the informal exchange of ideas, even more collaboration will be possible. 
  • New external partnerships. Bethel’s already strong partnerships with industry leaders will be enhanced and expanded with state-of-the art research facilities. 
  • Built-in flexibility for future expansion and new areas of study. Bethel has already launched four engineering programs in less than three years—and that’s before the new facilities. 

Through excellence in the sciences, Bethel has the opportunity to shape the next generation of biologists, chemists, physicists, engineers, and healthcare professionals, preparing them for ethical, faith-based decision making and leadership. If you—like our students and faculty—believe in the transformative power of the sciences, we invite you to help us complete these ambitious projects. 

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