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Terms and Conditions

Textbook Online Order Terms and Conditions

All textbooks, ISBN numbers, pricing, and course materials are subject to change without notice. Text and pricing information is subject to change including, but not limited to, faculty changes, publisher substitutions, or price changes.

All textbook totals are calculated at the time of the order using "New" prices. Orders with "Used" textbooks will have their total adjusted at the time the order is filled and charged.

This site is updated daily as we receive any course updates and shipments from each publisher. The ISBN number may represent a bundle of items instead of an individual title. Bundles are only available new.

Listing online does not guarantee in-stock status. Back orders and courses with no textbook adoptions will not be processed. Only books on hand at the time of processing will be included in your order. We cannot guarantee the availability of "used" textbooks.

If "Used Preferred" is selected, "new" books will be provided if "used" books are not available. If “New Preferred” is selected, "used" books will be provided if "new" books are not available. Orders placed as "New Only" or "Used Only" will be canceled if preferred textbooks ordered cannot be met. Prices that are BLANK or TBD indicate that pricing information is currently unavailable for this item.

Students purchasing materials on this site or at Bethel University Campus Store are protected under our Return Policy. Bethel University Campus Store does not guarantee texts or class materials purchased from other sources.

Shrink-wrapped textbooks are not returnable if opened. Please see our Return Policy for complete information regarding returns.

Please note: Your Bethel ID is required for picking up your textbook order.

You may charge your order to your student account or pay with VISA or MasterCard. In the event your credit card does not process, to receive your books on time, the books will be charged to your student account.

You will only be charged for physical books or items included in your order that you receive. 

Ebooks are processed at the time you place your order separately followed by email notification to the email address you provided when you purchased. 

Textbook special orders/stock replenishment orders will have an added $5 shipping charge on orders placed 3+ weeks into the semester.
Online orders/special orders will be re-purposed if not picked up within 60 days of order - processed email.

Return Policy

Receipt is required for all refunds or exchanges. Refund or credit will be given in the form of original tender. General merchandise and apparel may be returned within 30 days from date of purchase. Packaged merchandise must be unopened in original packaging. Apparel must have original tags still attached.

Textbook and Educational Material Return Policy

Receipt is required for all textbooks or educational material returns or exchanges. Refund or credit is in the form of original tender. Defective textbooks or educational material will be replaced. 

Digital Direct opt-outs must be completed by you, the student. Please go to the Digital Direct page and select the "Learn More" button.

The Campus Store partners with RedShelf for all ebooks.  We adhere to the standard return policy listed on the RedShelf website you will accept when you submit your online purchase from RedShelf.

  • eBooks – Purchases of eBooks are generally refundable within 14 days of the first day of access, or thirty (30) days after the purchase is made, whichever occurs first. However, no refund is possible if more than 10% of the product has been viewed and/or if any page(s) of the product has been printed. 

Textbooks and educational materials purchased through the Bethel University Campus Store are guaranteed for the associated class, and can be returned or exchanged in the event the required textbooks or educational materials are revised by the professor. 

Due to COVID-19, all textbooks and educational material are final sale. The exception is for dropped classes.  Returns are allowed up to the last official day to drop a first-term course. Returns are allowed only in original condition.

New textbooks must be returned in new condition, free from writing, marking, stains, or damage to covers or pages. 

All bundles or shrink-wrapped textbooks and materials must be intact, unopened, and undamaged.