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Resumes, Cover Letters, Practice Interviews, Elevator Pitches…and more!

SkillsFirst is a free resource for Bethel University students and alumni that offers complete set of career preparation tools to help you navigate the hiring funnel and land a job:

How to get started:

Here is are some helpful video sections:

  • Introduction & Basic Navigation
  • Resumes: Create, Upload, or Start from Scratch (1:17)
  • Cover Letters: Create, Upload or Start from Scratch (6:18)
  • Create a Pitch (11:37)
  • Create a Portfolio (13:45)
  • Take a Practice Interview (16:30)
  • Watch Career Advice Videos (19:25)
  • Take a Short Career Assessment (20:00)

Additional Resources by Career Process Stage:

Click on the links below for resources to help you navigate your career development. Visit our YouTube page for tutorials and presentations on several career development topics.




Extra Resources for Mid-Career Professionals (CAPS/GS/SEM and Alumni):


In addition, we recommend that you also meet with a career specialist to get more personalized support. 

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