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Students need a church to call home, a community to grow with-before, during, and after their college experience. At Bethel, we keep Sunday mornings open so our students can get involved with the local church.

Attend Church Connection Day

Church Connection Day, held each year in the fall, is a unique opportunity for local churches to connect with Bethel students and help them find a church that's the right fit. 

Promote Sunday Services, Events, and Other Opportunities

We're happy to partner with you to help spread the word about your Sunday services, events, and other opportunities by posting flyers on campus or reserving a table in the student center, with appropriate approval.

  • Submit a poster: Fill out an online poster request. Bring or mail your printed posters to the Church Relations office. And we'll take care of getting them approved and posted on campus.
  • Reserve a table in the student center: Churches, ministry organizations, and camps can reserve a table in the Brushaber Commons student center-in the heart of the student area-to connect with students about opportunities or upcoming events. Fill out a table reservation form.

Post Jobs and Internships

Bethel students are looking for opportunities to grow and explore their role in ministry. If you'd like to connect with Bethel students or graduates about jobs or internships, we're happy to help.

Share Your Ideas

Bethel loves and supports the church. It's our goal to partner with churches to encourage young people in their faith and prepare them for leadership and service. Have ideas for other partnership opportunities? Contact our team.