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Writing High Quality Traditional Assessment Items

Date November 12, 2014
FeaturingDr. Jay Rasmussen
Location University Library, Fireside Lounge
Instructions for GuestsGet maps and directions to Bethel University.
SponsorsFaculty Development and Friends of the BU Library.

Event Description

How well written are your quizzes, tests, and exams? Exploring this question, before entering the “season” of final exams, is critical in terms of obtaining valid and reliable assessment information. This “Talk About Teaching” session will provide the background necessary to create/revise high quality TF, short answer, matching, multiple-choice, and essay items.

The session focuses on:

  1. General principles of effective assessment
  2. Validity and reliability
  3. Appropriate uses of traditional assessment
  4. Typical problems with instructor-made tests
  5. Avoiding common clues for the test-wise student.

Additionally, a handout will be provided that details the advantages, disadvantages, writing considerations, and samples for each item type. A second handout addresses issues related to understanding and reducing test anxiety.


Contact Ann Gannon at agannon@bethel.edu or 651.635.8717.