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The Sabbath: How The Work of Christ on The Cross Should Realign Our Rest, Worship, and Work

Date May 7, 2015
FeaturingSteve Whiting, Associate Professor of Business
Location Fireside Lounge
Instructions for GuestsGet maps and directions to Bethel University.
SponsorsFaculty Development and Friends of the BU Library.

Event Description

This presentation explores a number of themes related to the Sabbath and the implications of viewing the Sabbath through the lens of the completed work of Christ on the cross. Much has been written about the Sabbath. Is it a law that is still applicable today? Should it be practiced on Saturday or Sunday? This presentation will briefly consider those issues but then focus on how the work of Christ on the cross should realign our rest, worship, and work. A major contribution is the importance of actively participating in Sabbath as a primary or first day activity. If God rested from his creation but clearly sustained all things what might that type of rest look like for us? If Jesus worked on the Sabbath through healing what are its ramifications? The significance to the individual, the manager, and the business owner will be considered. Finally, a framework will be proposed consisting of specific questions and suggestions appropriate for today’s businessperson (and non-businessperson).


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