The History and Vision of Pietism

The History and Vision of Pietism
Date Tuesday, March 31, 2015
3:30 - 4:30 p.m.
FeaturingDr. Christian Collins Winn, professor of biblical and theological studies, and Dr. Chris Gehrz, professor of history
Location Underground (BC level 2) - View maps and directions

Event Description

Interested in what "Pietism" means and how it relates to Bethel's past and future? As part of the Strategic Coalition process and the development of our new vision statement, we talked a lot about our roots as a Pietist institution and how those roots matter for our future. Please join us for a session on the history and vision of Pietism wth Dr. Christian Collins Winn and Dr. Chris Gehrz who have each recently published books on Pietism. They will focus on an introduction to Pietism and what it means for us at a school like Bethel.  

The session will be streamed live so that our colleagues in San Diego and others who are not able to attend in person will also be able to participate.


Contact the Office of the Provost at 651.638.6370