Converge 2016

Converge 2016
Date Wednesday, June 29 - July 1, 2016
Location Mission Hills Church, Littleton, Colorado

Event Description

Converge 2016: Reach across the Street and around the World ​is ​a ​celebration ​focusing ​on ​the ​evangelism ​and ​missions ​emphasis ​of Converge ​churches ​across ​the ​street ​and ​around ​the ​world. ​Our ​eyes, ​hearts, ​and ​hands ​are ​opened ​to ​the ​opportunities ​God ​has ​given ​us ​to ​make ​disciples ​of ​all ​nations.

Bethel University and Converge Worldwide are twin corporations, and the delegates from member churches serve at the meetings of both organizations.


Contact Converge Worldwide at 407.563.6094.