Seminary Speaker Series: Organizational Leadership and Church Governance

Seminary Speaker Series: Organizational Leadership and Church Governance
Date Thursday, February 8, 2018
Noon - 1 p.m. CT
Location Online

Event Description

Join us to hear more from Professor Andrew Rowell as he explores the essential qualities of organizational leadership and church governance: 

  1. Focused. Organizations need determined, passionate leaders.
  2. Collaborative. Organizations need leaders who will draw out others. 
  3. Stable. Organizations need structure to encourage and enforce unified and healthy action. 
  4. Wise. Organizations needs smart, methodical leadership.
  5. Innovative. Organizations need to boldly and smartly experiment. 
  6. Sober. Organizations need structures that unearth problems early and ensure focus on what is most important. 

In Bethel Seminary's Master of Divinity course, Organizational Leadership and Church Governance, Dr. Andy Rowell shows how leaders can appreciate the church structure they find themselves in and work to shore up its weaknesses. In this presentation, Dr. Rowell will reveal some key points from the course that will help you better understand churches and better lead in whatever organization you find yourself in--whether that be a church, secular workplace, parachurch organization, or chaplaincy site. Dr. Rowell draws upon Paul's leadership as seen in First Corinthians, secular leadership literature, and the history of how churches have been structured from Roman Catholic to Presbyterian, to Baptist, to multi-site megachurch, to church plant. 


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