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Speaker Series: Dynamic Enrollment for Adult Higher Education

Date Wednesday, February 14, 2018
12 - 1 p.m. CT
FeaturingRandy Bergen
Location Online

Event Description

In this webinar, we will share Bethel University's experience of shifting from a cohort model to a rolling entry or "dynamic enrollment" model for adult undergraduate and graduate student programs offered in face-to-face and online delivery modalities. The cohort model admitted a single group of students into a program, and those students took the classes together from entry to graduation. The rolling entry or dynamic enrollment approach offers individual students entry into programs every six to eight weeks. The presenters will begin with an explanation of the institutional context and the rationale for the decision to change the student entry model. The focus will be on the strategy to implement the change and the processes used to implement that strategy. Organizational structures and the critical sub-projects will be discussed. These projects included changes in course prerequisites, course scheduling, degree requirements, enrollment systems, reporting, academic advising support, and software systems. The changes, implications, and challenges related to each of these areas will be presented. Ultimately, 14 programs shifted to a dynamic enrollment model. The presenters will review the results from the first nine months after the change was implemented. The purpose of the webinar is to assist other institutions in managing the challenges and intricacies of a similar process. 


Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at 651.635.8000, 800.255.8706 ext. 8000, or graduate-admissions@bethel.edu.


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