Fall Faculty Meeting

Fall Faculty Meeting
Date Wednesday, November 4, 2020
6 - 8 p.m.
Location VIRTUAL
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Event Description


6:00 - 7:00 PM | Whole Faculty Meeting for CAPS/SEM/GS

  • Key provisions of the Department of Education's new Title IX regulation-important information for faculty
    • Vice President of People and Organizational Development/ Title IX Coordinator/Compliance Officer Cara Wald
  • How is Bethel moving forward in the midst of a pandemic?
    • CAPS/SEM/GS Associate Provost Randy Bergen 
  • The Presidential Commissions
    • President Ross Allen  
  • Prayer
    • The Faculty

7:00 - 8:00 PM | Faculty Professional Development (7:00-7:30 pm and 7:30-8:00 pm Breakout Sessions)

Both common sense and research suggest that in order for faculty development to be effective, faculty must want to grow
professionally and must reflect upon and review a topic multiple times. As a result, for two years (2019-2020 and 2020-
2021) faculty development has focused heavily upon topics related to the integration of faith into teaching and daily

In each of the sessions offered, presenters from a fall retreat session (with the same title) will give a brief overview of the
topic (5 minutes) and facilitate discussion among participants for the remaining .5-hour. The Faculty Development
Committee invites you to attend any two of the three sessions listed.

  • Bringing Your Whole Self to Integration -- Integrating faith into teaching necessarily involves more than just having a grasp of theological or biblical truths and ideas.  It also means knowing what the interpreter brings to the interpretive/integrative task.  The purpose of this plenary session is to focus on how to most effectively pursue faith integration by increasing our awareness of our whole self in that endeavor.
    • Jeannine Brown, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament and Director for Seminary Online Programs
    • Tina Watson Wiens, ABD, Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy, and Program Director for the Marriageand Family Therapy Program
  • Faith Integration and Online Instruction -- CAPS, Sem, and GS students have exponentially increased their interest in online vs. F2F instruction over the past few years, and the outbreak of COVID-19 has only increased the usage of online instruction. Many Bethel faculty members have reported that they feel less comfortable with the how-to of faith integration in an online vs. a F2F delivery format. The purpose of this session is to describe some specific strategies that Bethel faculty can apply to faith integration in an online environment.
    • Laura Gilbertson, M.Div., Instructor of Christian Ministries and Program Director of Christian Ministries
    • Mary Michener, Ed.D., Associate Professor of General Education and Program Director of Human Services Program and the Associate Degree Programs
    • Al Prentice, MATS, Adjunct Instructor
  • Pause and Process During a Season of Stress -- This session does not have a predetermined agenda. This is a time to talk about serving as a faculty member during unprecedented times: the COVID-19 pandemic; Bethel faculty and staff terminations; and the George Floyd tragedy. Faculty have the opportunity to share needs they have in the short-term and long-term so that the Faculty Development Committee can support them with training, advocacy, and prayer.
    • Judith Landrum, Ph.D., Dean of Education, Christian Ministries, and Associate Programs and Faculty Development Committee Chair


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