Jennifer Danos: Architectonic Obtrusion 3

Date Wednesday, February 8
through Monday, June 25, 2012
Location Johnson Gallery

Event Description

Jennifer Danos' site-specific sculptural intervention in the Johnson Gallery invites viewers to become more aware of how they perceive and move through a space. Inspired by a recent trip to Italy, Danos experiments with the tradition of trompe-l'œil used in the floor patterns of Italian palazzi. The Johnson Gallery is situated in the heart of the art department; for many it is not only a gallery space but also a way to pass from one classroom to another. Danos says, "Entering my installation, one is confronted with elements that are familiar, but most likely outside of typical notice: those things in the periphery that one is conditioned to look past when entering a particular environment." Danos visually transforms the gallery in such a way that gently disrupts one's prior understanding of the space both visually and conceptually, causing the viewer, and even the casual passerby, to reconsider the space and how they move through it.

Show Events

Artist Talk with Jennifer Danos
February 8
6 p.m.
Eastlund Room, CLC Building, 2nd Floor

Opening reception following the talk

About the Artist

Jennifer Danos was born in 1975 in Chicago and studied at both the  Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She currently lives and works in Minneapolis where she teaches in the Sculpture Department at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Jennifer has been exhibiting her work locally at places like the Rochester Art Center and Franklin Art Works, nationally at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, and internationally at Galerie Analix Forever in Switzerland.


Michelle Westmark
Gallery Director and Assistant Professor of Art