Class of 1984 Reunion

Greetings, Great Bethel College Class of 1984:

It’s been 30 years! Remember in the movie “Back to the Future” when Marty McFly climbed into his Delorean-time machine and stepped out 30 years in the past? What a change Marty experienced going back 30 years! Think of the change we have experienced going forward 30 years…Our computers are faster, our phones are portable, and we’ve witnessed the demise of the cassette tape, videotape, Beta, the land line, the Walkman, the video store, and the space shuttle.

With all that change it’s great to know that there are some bedrock things that have not changed: God’s faithfulness to us in all circumstances, the blessing of friends and family, and classmates who would cherish the opportunity to reconnect with you!

Five years ago we had a great time with several hundred of you at our 25-year reunion. It was an incredible evening with a live band. We danced, laughed, and even shed a tear. If you missed it, we missed you and want you to join us for this reunion!

It will be a decade before our next gathering, so mark your calendars and make plans to join us for Bethel Homecoming and our 30-year reunion, October 3-5! 


Saturday, October 4

  • Reunion Reception (Brushaber Commons) | 5:30-6:30 p.m.
  • Royal Celebration (Benson Great Hall) | 7-8 p.m.
  • Class of 1984 Reunion Party (Bethel Library) | 8-11 p.m.


Register today for Homecoming and our Class of 1984 Reunion!

The reunion package is $15/person and includes the Reunion Reception (hearty hors d'oeuvres will be served), Royal Celebration, and Class of 1984 Reunion Party.

Stay connected

Share your Bethel memories

Who was your favorite Bethel professor? Do you remember a fun prank from your Bethel days? Share some of your Bethel memories by completing a short questionnaire. Through your responses, you'll help write the Royal Celebration and shape our Class of 1984 Reunion!


As we gather to celebrate our Bethel stories, our class has the opportunity to support current and future Bethel students through a gift to the Royal Alumni Scholarship fund. Our goal is to have at least 20 percent of our class participate in this gift. Learn more and give today.

Missing classmates

Anybody know where these folks are? It’d be a shame if they missed our party just because we don’t have a current email address!

  • Linda Bailey
  • Enkenyelesh Bekele
  • Jay Constable
  • Leanne Correll
  • Janelle Eck-Robles
  • Susan Gross
  • Elisa Gustafson
  • Jerry Hidaka
  • Roberta Lee
  • Chris LeVesseur
  • Mary Morrow
  • Mary Moultrie
  • Janice Munneke
  • Ellen Neal
  • Lynnette Olson
  • Heidi Olson
  • Diane Shogren
  • Nancy Smith
  • Karen Snure
  • Lawrence Thiessen
  • Joann Vallejo

If you know how to get in touch with any of these classmates, (gently) encourage them to update their info or call the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at 651.638.6462!


Bethel has secured discounted rates for campus guests at several area hotels. View a list of hotels and request their "Bethel rate."


For more information about Homecoming and our Class Reunion, contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at 651.638.6462 or 800.255.8706, ext. 6462, or email


Class of 1984 Reunion Team:

  • Elizabeth Talbot Lorentz
  • Dawn Modica Marcus
  • Sharon Rice Pearson
  • John Turner

We're Registered!

  • Duane Decker & Jodi Decker
  • Elisabeth Tiessen (Anderson) & John Tiessen
  • Eileen Bray (Hermanson)
  • Lisa Griffith (Olmstead) & John Griffith
  • Kathy Youngquist (Lee) & John Youngquist
  • Wendy Honchel (Wyum)
  • Avis Soderstrom
  • Kevin Hugoson
  • David Asprey & Jill Asprey
  • Paul Busche
  • Jon Erickson & Donna Erickson (Fray)
  • Rick Dischinger & Beth Dischinger
  • Mark Holm
  • Mark Strohbehn
  • Sharon Hancock (Rylander)
  • Joe Duininck (Duininck) & Amy Duininck (Koelz)
  • Elizabeth Lorentz (Talbot)
  • Ellie White (Heikes)
  • Jonathan Morgan & Joby Morgan (Thompson)
  • Mary Pate (Mohl ) & Randy Pate
  • Collin Barr & Brenda Barr (Humphrey)
  • Ross Marcus & Dawn Marcus (Modica )
  • Caryn Magnuson (Meyer) & Dave Magnuson
  • Mike Johnson & Anne Johnson (Tempel)
  • Rick Post & Beth Post (Sahlin)
  • Peter Eriksson
  • Kay Sue Eriksson (Wiens)
  • Karna Haugen (Eastlund)
  • Barry Carlson
  • Sarah Magnuson (Runion) & Todd Magnuson
  • Ron Russell & Kristen Russell
  • Liz Miller (Brodin) & Jimmy Miller
  • Sharon Pearson (Rice)
  • Wendy Thompson (Watson) & Kim Thompson
  • Phil Chalmers & Jennifer Chalmers (Harley)
  • Paul Albinson & Cassie Albinson
  • Janet Kramka (Valenti)
  • Thomas Pals & Miki Pals
  • John Turner & Lisa Turner (Poppen)
  • Chris Werner (Johnson)
  • Mary Hoffer (Brinkman)
  • Jim Fabrie
  • Dave Preble
  • Tim Huisinga & Carmen Huisinga
  • Jeff Kruse & Kay Kruse
  • Rodger Smith & Karla Smith