Class of 2004 Reunion

Hey, Bethel University Class of 2004!

It’s been 10 years since we graduated. Where have the past 10 years taken you? Join us on Saturday, October 4th for our reunion and share your stories of adventure since our time at Bethel. This is your chance! Our next reunion won’t be until 2024...when we’ll be over 40! 

In 2004, when a “hashtag” was just a pound sign and an “app” was a late night snack at Applebee’s, we left Bethel with wonderful memories and lifelong friendships. Let’s trade in our smartphones, FaceTime, and social media for the real deal—a fun evening  reconnecting with our friends and with Bethel.

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Saturday, October 4

  • Reunion Reception (Brushaber Commons) | 5:30-6:30 p.m.
  • Royal Celebration (Benson Great Hall) | 7-8 p.m.
  • Class of 2004 Reunion Party (3900 Grill) | 8-11 p.m.


Register today for Homecoming and our Class of 2004 Reunion!

The reunion package is $15/person and includes the Reunion Reception (hearty hors d'oeuvres will be served), Royal Celebration, and Class of 2004 Reunion Party.

Stay connected

Share your Bethel memories

Who was your favorite Bethel professor? Do you remember a fun prank from your Bethel days? Share some of your Bethel memories by completing a short questionnaire. Through your responses, you'll help write the Royal Celebration and shape your Class of 2004 Reunion!


As we gather to celebrate our Bethel stories, our class has the opportunity to support current and future Bethel students through a gift to the Royal Alumni Scholarship fund. Our goal is to have at least 20 percent of our class participate in this gift. Learn more and give today.

Missing classmates

Anybody know where these folks are? It’d be a shame if they missed our party just because we don’t have a current email address!

  • Amanda Burmaster
  • Michelle Colar
  • Nancy Craig
  • Adam Elenbaas
  • Angela Frenell
  • Karlin Korvela
  • Corissa Kromer
  • Erin Milway
  • Eva Morganti
  • Molly Neumann
  • Krista Oldberg
  • Rachel Plack
  • Erin Taber
  • Joanne Verville
  • Ryan Voronyak

If you know how to get in touch with any of these classmates, (gently) encourage them to update their info or call the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at 651.638.6462!


Bethel has secured discounted rates for campus guests at several area hotels. View a list of hotels and request their "Bethel rate."


For more information about Homecoming and our Class Reunion, contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at 651.638.6462 or 800.255.8706, ext. 6462, or email


Class of 2004 Reunion Team

Class of 2004 Reunion Team:

  • Dave Berggren
  • Hannah Brandes
  • Sarah Anderson Darr
  • Gregg Lindberg
  • Aadam Peters

We're Registered!

  • Gregg Lindberg & Amy Lindberg (Hanson)
  • Rob Mickelson & Sarah Mickelson (Zak)
  • Sarah Darr (Anderson) & Steve Darr
  • Paul Tschetter & Krista Tschetter
  • Hannah Brandes
  • Aadam Peters & Michael Melrose
  • Nicki Baumann (Swanson)
  • Sarah Schmidt (Klapperich) & Zach Schmidt
  • Amy Hernandez (Nelson) & Edgar Hernandez
  • Katie Schmidt (Leafblad) & Ben Schmidt
  • Minda Gomez (Johnson) & Moises Gomez
  • Matthew Wassink & Hannah Wassink (Deneen)
  • Ben Brandt & Jenni Brandt (Mielke)
  • Ana Heeren (Erickson) & Adam Heeren
  • Nichole Baumann (Swanson) & Shaun Schuster
  • Carol Werronen
  • Joelle Bishop (Purcell) & Jefferson Bishop
  • Bethany Scott (Ericson)
  • Kara Wessman (Wager) & Scott Wessman
  • Rachel Langefels (Schwarze) & DJ Langefels
  • Dena Norman (Gruber) & Chris Norman
  • Matthew Rendahl
  • Jacklyn Walsh
  • Kat Jordan (Jaros)
  • Jennie Hayle (Jutila) & Ben Hayle
  • Mike Herzog & Melissa Herzog (Reinart)
  • Jamie Leaf (Collins) & Kyle Leaf
  • John Holgrimson & Beth Holgrimson (Whitmore)
  • Jackie Schwarzkopf (Minder) & Mark Schwarzkopf
  • Sara Jenson (Huston) & Eric Jenson
  • Tracy Yungner
  • Leah Jacobs (Ingalls) & John Jacobs
  • Tim Reynolds & Linnea Reynolds (Hammar)
  • Amber Quito (Jensen)
  • Jared Heaton & Mallory Heaton
  • Melissa Hardie (Peterson)
  • Terilyn Johnston Huntington & Paul Huntington (Johnson)
  • Joshua Peffley
  • Jeremiah Messerer & Rachael Messerer
  • Stephanie Johnson (Van Epps) & Jake Johnson
  • Kelli Branstad (Meyer) & Paul Branstad
  • Timothy Goddard & Lorraine Goddard
  • Brianna Andrighetti (Trowbridge) & Joe Andrighetti
  • Grayson Blomberg & Charity Blomberg
  • Bill Lent & Kristina Lent
  • Jason Dalum & Brittany Dalum (Graves)
  • Jason Steffenhagen & Mateios Steffenhagen
  • Jill Lundgren
  • Joshua Pinson & Anne Pinson
  • Emily Broman (Rich) & Jay Broman
  • Bret Hyder & Laura Hyder (Turner)
  • Jeff Goudy & Tasha Goudy (Reitnour)
  • Brent Kobielush & Amy Kobielush (Hill)
  • Tim Johnson & Sarah Johnson (Robinson)
  • Lindsey Marsden (Eggimann)
  • Tom Yenter & Katy Yenter (O'Neill)
  • Jesse Manning & Katie Manning (Madison)
  • Drew Cavalier
  • Billy Shaw
  • Laurie Creek (Brass) & Dave Creek
  • Carolyn Thompson (Valley)
  • Michael Towle & Kristin Towle (Wilson)
  • Arleigh Hagberg (Heeren)
  • Jennifer Bortel (Briggs) & Shawn Bortel
  • Brent Schiestl & Beth Schiestl (Cutler)
  • Brian Metcalf & Angela Metcalf (Ellis)
  • Melanie Lund (Gaalswyk) & Andrew Lund
  • Lea Berg (Hintermeister)
  • Adam Goff
  • Becky Adair (Gustafson) & Tim Adair
  • Chad Swanson & Amanda Swanson
  • Greg Schutte
  • Sandra Berggren
  • Kim Almeida (Salewski) & Luis Almeida
  • Janet Dieter
  • Jocelyn Hylden