Class of 2009 Reunion

Hey, BU Class of 2009!

"Five years already?!?!"

We’re excited to invite you back to campus to relive the “good old days,” when we ate in the DC, worshiped in Benson Great Hall, and tried to sneak into the library after hours.

You may have Facebook to “keep up with old friends.” You may be working with a few ‘09ers. You could even be married to one. But nothing beats seeing your long lost study group, that one girl from chapel, or your freshman floor in person.

Hundreds of ’09 grads will drive 19 mph again to enjoy Homecoming weekend, including an appetizer reception and a program featuring The Black-Eyed Peas, President Barack Obama, and NFL quarterback Peyton Manning (*Current program may change).

So stop traveling the world, start practicing your Jay Barnes impression, and save the date for our five-year reunion on Saturday, October 4th!

More details will be coming your way as we plan what the day will hold. We are stoked. You are too.

Go Royals!


Saturday, October 4

  • Reunion Reception (Brushaber Commons) | 5:30-6:30 p.m.
  • Royal Celebration (Benson Great Hall) | 7-8 p.m.
  • Class of 2009 Reunion Party (Monson Dining Center) | 8-11 p.m.


Register today for Homecoming and our Class of 2009 Reunion.

The reunion package is $15/person and includes the Reunion Reception (hearty hors d'oeuvres will be served), Royal Celebration, and Class of 2009 Reunion Party.

Stay connected

  • Join our Facebook group. If you're on Facebook, stay connected through our group. Search for BU Class of 2009 and request to join.

Share your Bethel memories

Who was your favorite Bethel professor? Do you remember a fun prank from your Bethel days? Share some of your Bethel memories by completing a short questionnaire. Through your responses, you'll help write the Royal Celebration and shape our Class of 2009 Reunion!


As we gather to celebrate our Bethel stories, our class has the opportunity to support current and future Bethel students through a gift to the Royal Alumni Scholarship fund. Our goal is to have at least 20 percent of our class participate in this gift. Learn more and give today.

Missing classmates

Anybody know where these folks are? It’d be a shame if they missed our party just because we don’t have a current email address!

  • Eric Adams
  • Alexandra Emanuel
  • Sarah Frederickson
  • David Hayden
  • Grace Heagy
  • David C. Johnson
  • Amanda Jorgenson
  • Jennifer Lind
  • Brooke McKinnis
  • Nicholas Otto
  • Jacob Rasmuson
  • Jessica Veit
  • Aaron Wenker

If you know how to get in touch with any of these classmates, (gently) encourage them to update their info or call the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at 651.638.6462!


Bethel has secured discounted rates for campus guests at several area hotels. View a list of hotels and request their "Bethel rate."


For more information about Homecoming and our Class Reunion, contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at 651.638.6462 or 800.255.8706, ext. 6462, or email


Class of 2009 Reunion Team

Class of 2009 Reunion Team:

  • Nikki Abramson
  • Mark Berggren
  • Sarah Lindenberg (not pictured)
  • Kristen Finell Miller (not pictured)
  • Katie Clark Orvis
  • Laura Becklund Rima
  • Justie Krueger Vavra

We're Registered!

  • Bjorn Hanson & Aly Hanson (Carlson)
  • Raela Schoenherr
  • Heather Rimmereid
  • Angela Johnson (Harris) & Mark Johnson
  • Caleb Ahlquist
  • Zack Dechaine
  • Jennifer Ayala (Olsen ) & Tino Ayala
  • Nikki Abramson
  • Thomas Hofer & Kia Hofer (Youngberg)
  • Kelly Zabel (Lough) & Alex Zabel
  • Robert Schultz & Jennifer Schultz (O'Neill)
  • Jill Damron (Holtz) & Will Damron
  • Don Sheard
  • Katie Orvis (Clark) & Ryan Orvis
  • Eric Darling & Amy Darling (Fox)
  • Brooke Foley (Achterhoff) & Devin Foley
  • Laura Rima (Becklund)
  • Angela Wernberg (Hoffman) & Sam Wernberg
  • Beth Hallstrom (Hauge) & Taylor Hallstrom
  • Nick Anderson
  • Jameson Bast & Kristen Bast (Jorgensen)
  • John Buyse & Jessica Johns
  • Kyle Ronning
  • Sarah Olsen
  • Kelli Swanson (Finn) & Todd Swanson
  • Hannah Woodard (Rundell) & Chris Woodard
  • Cambria Lorenz (Breitkreutz) & Adam Lorenz
  • Kristen Miller (Finell) & Josh Miller
  • Karin Larson (Danielson) & Joe Larson
  • Amy Rogotzke (Fedora) & Tom Rogotzke
  • Laura Mikul
  • Rachel Lopez (Netland)
  • Gretchen Luedtke (Dischinger) & Dan Luedtke
  • Chelsea Arnott & Andy Berkhout
  • Megan Arneson (Kuenzel) & Peter Arneson
  • Nicki Luehrs
  • Justie Vavra (Krueger)
  • Cristina Warfield
  • Kristen Christenson (Lindblad)
  • Emily Martin
  • Sara Ball
  • Alli Cheesebrow (Broza)
  • Jessica Lokhorst (Tyler)
  • Kelly Freeberg (Widbin) & Peter Freeberg
  • Alyssa Vander Galien
  • Wade Adamson
  • Wesley Tanaka & Alayna Tanaka (Larsen)
  • Kari Helfinstine
  • Lisa Rowley (Goldsby)
  • Mark Berggren & Kim Woletz
  • Sarah Lindenberg