FAFSA Reprocess Necessary

Your 2024-25 FAFSA has been placed on hold by the U.S. Dept. of Education.

Bethel has finally started receiving 2024-25 FAFSA forms that have been submitted since December, 2023. We have learned that more than 40% of the FAFSAs received are not usable due to errors in the way the U.S. Department of Education processed the FAFSA data. Unfortunately, your FAFSA is in this unusable category.

Next Steps:

  1. Wait. There are no action steps that the student needs to take due to the unusable FAFSA.
  2. The Department of Education has assured us they will reprocess all FAFSAs with unusable information. They will reprocess all erroneous FAFSAs and will begin sending reprocessed FAFSAs to schools by May 1.
  3. Our team is working to prepare accurate financial aid offers as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience as we work through the backlog of applications received to date. We are not able to create a financial aid offer until we receive a reprocessed FAFSA.
  4. Once your FAFSA is reprocessed by the Department of Education, you will receive a revised FAFSA Submission Summary, and Bethel will receive an updated version of your FAFSA results. Upon receipt of your reprocessed FAFSA, Bethel will remove the hold on your financial aid application, and endeavor to prepare your aid offer.

View the U.S. Department of Education's April 9, 2024 announcement.