Proxy Access and Authorized Users

Proxy Access

While privacy laws prohibit us from sharing financial aid award information to your parents, spouse, or other third party, we have provided a way for you to authorize others to view such information in your student account: proxy access.

To create proxy access to your account:

  1. Log into MyBethel.
  2. Click on Tools & Resources.
  3. Click the Banner link.
  4. Click on the Proxy tab. Follow the instructions you see there.

To view an account as a proxy go to Banner and log into our Proxy Access System.

If you are a new student to Bethel, you will not be able to set up Proxy until approximately 45 days before the start of your first semester.

Please see the video provided below for a demonstration of how to add a proxy to your account.

For answers to other questions, please view our Proxy Access FAQ.

Authorized Users

If you’d like parents, spouses, or others to pay your student account online, you’ll need to set them up as an authorized user.

Authorized users will be able to access tuition and billing information only, not other student records.

Login for Authorized Users

If your student has authorized you as a user, you can log in to the online payment system to view the account or make a payment.

Make an online payment

Authorizing New Users

Students can authorize a new user on their account at any time. To authorize a new user:

  • Go to the My Statements and Finances channel in MyBethel.
  • Click Make a Payment. This will direct you to TouchNet.
  • Once in TouchNet, click Authorized Users in the top menu and follow the prompts.

Once you’ve followed the steps, the authorized user will receive an email with instructions. This email will include a link to the online payment system. If the authorized user does not receive the email, it might have been delivered to their spam.

To see a demonstration for adding an Authorized User to your account please click here.

Please note: You should not give out your MyBethel access information (usernames and passwords). Authorized users have a separate URL for accessing your student account.